Upcoming Greyhound Litters

Upcoming Litters!

Please contact us with any questions. Our puppy application can be found here. Performance homes are required.

Banning- Od Hollowpromise

Planned for Fall 2023

Banning was an amazing racer at Wonderland Park for North Shore Kennel. He was born in 1993 and has sired 244 puppies, which includes one of North Shores best ever racers, Hayvril. Banning's offspring have proven to have powerful speed out of the box.

Od Hollowpromise "Dolly" had an uneventful 6 races at Southland Greyhound Park. Dolly excelled over her littermates during training. Her best 550 yard time at AGP was 30:00. After her 6 races at Southland, she was brought back home for breeding. Her brothers ended up to be most successful in the litter, racing until they were 4 years old. Dolly's dam line has multiple stakes winners within the first three generations. Dolly also has a wonderful temperament; she is very friendly, outgoing, loves water (she started dock diving lessons at the end of the 2022 season!), she's a very fun girl and is never short of smiles! Dolly also holds an AKC BCAT title. 

This breeding does NOT contain any of the following sires:
Gable Dodge
Kiowa Sweet Trey
Flying Penske
Kiowa Mon Manny

We expect this litter to excel in LGRA, NOTRA, and Lure Coursing. High prey drive is also expected.

Od Hollowpromise:
Degenerative Myelopathy, DM-N/N
Greyhound Polyneuropathy-N/N
Thyroid- Normal
Echocardiogram- Normal
Eyes- Normal

Expected COI 13%

This litter is reserved for performance homes only (AKC sports, ASFA, LGRA, or NOTRA)

Please contact us about future companion and performance litters.

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