Ab Bad Influence BCAT

November 2017
Red Brindle
Sire: Oshkosh Lamont
Dam: Flying Snoopy
NGA & AKC Registered
COI 24%- High Diversity

Degenerative Myelopathy- n/n
Malignant Hyperthermia- n/n
Greyhound Polyneuropathy NDRG1- n/n
OFA Echocardiogram 7/23/21- Normal
OFA Eye Certification 2022- Normal
OFA Thyroid 2022- normal

Racing History:
Wheeling Island Greyhound- AA 5/16
Stats 80-17-9-12-9
Best time- 29.58

Marcia’s dam line has had generations of stakes finalist and top track competitors like Flying Scoobydoo, Ab Huck, Flying Fala, Fly Rhonda Rousey, and Rooftop Gizmo. Her sire, Oshkosh Lamont, produced Southland superstars Oshkosh Fantasia, Oshkosh Ripcord, Fiesta Mountain, Od Axelskater, and more. Marcia also holds an AKC BCAT fastcat title. Marcia has a wonderful temperament. She is very friendy, very happy, and loves attention. She loves to go on adventures where she gets to see and smell new things, but she can also also enjoy a calm rainy day. Marcia has a fantastic prey drive and was extremely easy to train for racing. She LOVES to run!

Embark Genetic Test Results

Paw Print Genetics Test Results

Marcia- 2020 during her racing days!

Marcia- 2020 during her racing days!

Marcia- 2021

Marcia at FastCAT- June 2021

Marcia- BCAT Title 2021

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