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A little bit about us..

     North Shore was established in 1975 by the O’Donnell family. The O’Donnells created their own unique bloodlines with Greyhounds from great racing breeders among the United States and Ireland. Many of those bloodlines can still be found in our pedigrees today and won't be found anywhere else in the US.
     We plan to always breed for a purpose- but with health, conformation, and temperament also in mind. Our Greyhounds are bred to be athletes but to also make great pets when not active. When placing our dogs in homes, we believe in fitting the right temperament to the right person or family. Matching the correct temperament will make for a far better suited lifelong companion, which is the goal for our dogs!
     Since we moved to the farm in 2011, our North Shore family has grown an incredible amount. We believe when you bring home one of our dogs, you become part of this great family. We love hearing from our dogs and especially seeing pictures. Please do not ever hesitate to call or message us. We are here day or night for any of your dogs needs! We hope you choose to stay connected to North Shore for many years!
     Listed below are all our other pets, and us! Thank you for visiting our page!

Our Greyhounds

Our Farm

Letty- 2018 Paint/QH Mare

Tbh Kahduhlackin “Cadi”- 2020 Appaloosa Mare

Jethro- 2012 Doberman Pinscher

Tank- 2018 Doberman Pinscher/Catahoula Leopard Dog

Lucy “The Boss”- 2015 Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Ethel- 2015 Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Yeti- 2018 3/4 Nigerian Dwarf/ 1/4 Myotonic Goat

Pappy Van Winkle
”Pappy”- 2018 NGA Greyhound

Paco- 2020 Miniature Donkey

Ryan & Danielle

(with Sarkazum and Salud Raindrop)

Satus Skunk "Skunk"- 2022 Border Collie

TBH Lucky Irish Assets "Clover"- 2022 Paint filly

Our Missed Pets..

Madi was the first dog Ryan and Danielle brought home together. She was adopted at a shelter in southwest Florida in 2009. She unfortunately passed away in 2018. Her happy, bossy personality is still missed everyday.

Kota Got Freckles
Kota was Danielle's first horse. We lost her unexpectedly in 2020 just before her 16th birthday. Letty has now taken over Kotas' roll as boss of the herd. We like to think that Kota taught her well! We miss Kota very much but we enjoy seeing all the little things she left behind that remind us of how special she was.

Ab Free Bird
Where to even begin? Ripley chose us. When she was just six months old, she started jumping fences- 6ft fences! We would put her back with her littermates and 5 minutes later she’d be back. Out of the few fence jumpers we have had over the years, Ripley was the only one who could not be broke of her habit. She only reason she jumped fences was so she could go run with whomever she wanted at any given time. So that is what we let her do. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with being a house dog. She would panic being "locked" in the house and would find a way to let herself out. She just wanted to be free. Our 40 acre farm is fully fenced and she never once jumped the perimeter fence. She didn't want to leave, she just wanted to run. Her registered name became AB Free Bird because that is what she was, a free bird. The kennel door was always cracked open for her and she would come and go as she pleased. If you have a North Shore dog that was born in 2017 or later, they have raced with Ripley.
Sadly, Ripley was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in May of 2022 at only 5 years old. After a very tough decision, we chose to let her go to the bridge rather than amputate. Ripley loved absolutely nothing more than she loved running. She was not a typical Greyhound. While all Greyhounds love to run, Ripley lived to run. There is not a single day that goes by that we don't think of her. She never raced professionally because of her fence jumping, but she will forever be the star of North Shore Kennel. As we shared her antics on Facebook over the years, she became one of the most popular Greyhounds that had never stepped foot on a race track. Everyone wanted to meet the shining star. Her personality was bigger than life. She sure made an everlasting impact on our farm and it will never be the same without her.

Bundy's Okie Dokie "Okie"- 2014 NCLA Catahoula Leopard Dog
Okie was a very unique dog. According to her breeder, she was pick of the litter, but her temperament had other plans. When we met her for the first time, we quickly learned why she had gone from being pick of the litter to the last puppy to be picked- she was afraid of her own shadow. We highly believe that she was sent to us for a reason, she thrived on the farm. When she was taken away from “her element” on the farm, she was a totally different dog. While on the farm, she could actually be herself and feel comfortable. Her favorite thing to do was to walk around the pond and find the frogs- where she would dive in after them! Our Doberman Jethro and Greyhound Ripley we’re her best friends. Sadly, we unexpectedly lost her just before Christmas in 2022. We know Ripley was waiting for her at the bridge with open arms.

Bandit passed away in May 2023 at 13 years old. He was our second dog, but always the loudest. You couldn't walk in a room without hearing Bandit howl. We adopted him as a "Catahoula Leopard Dog" but his mouth said there was something else in there. After finally doing an Embark test, it all made sense. Bandit was mostly Coonhound! He lived for going on "hunts", aka walks in our fields. He put his face to the ground and let his nose take him on an adventure. He got along great with big dogs but wasn't the biggest fan of small dogs. Most of all,
he loved his humans. Our house will forever be too quiet without him. 


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