Welcome to North Shore!

Welcome to North Shore!

North Shore Kennel raises, trains, and retires NGA registered racing Greyhounds.

We participate in educational programs like Puppy Culture, Avidog (now GoodDog), and AKC's continued education. We have also learned from, in our opinion, some of the best Greyhound veterinarians in the country right here in little Abilene. 

We like to focus on sports with our dogs. Participating in different events is fun for both our dogs and us. It builds great communication and helps to keep our dogs physically and mentally healthy.

Our breeding Greyhounds will either have had a great racing career or stem from generations of stakes winning North Shore bloodlines. Some of our Greyhounds hold titles in amateur performance events as well.

North Shore has been involved in NGA racing and adoption for many years. Since we moved to the farm in 2011, we have raised three All-American Greyhounds, two second team All-Americans, and many stakes winning and finalist Greyhounds. We have also added so many great families to our North Shore team because of our dogs. No matter where you're located, when you have a North Shore dog, you are forever part of our team!

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