Training Provided by North Shore

   We provide our puppies with a three stage neurological stimulation program developed by the U.S. Military called the Super Dog Program. The exercises begin at only three days old and have a important, long lasting effects. We also use the Puppy Culture Program with our puppies.
   Benefits in canines that have been exposed to the early stimulation exercises include:
       1. Improved cardio vascular performance
       2. Stronger heart beats
       3. Stronger adrenal glands
       4. More tolerance to stress
       5. Greater resistance to diseases

Studies have proven that genetics only account for about 35% of the performance. The remaining 65% (management, training, nutrition) can make the difference. The effects of the three stages best serve the interests of owners who seek high levels of performance. Each has a cumulative effect and contributes to the development and potential for individual performance. Early neurological stimulation provides positive effects for all canines as individuals, their trainability, health, and potential. We encourage our puppy homes to continue the socialization and enrichment process when they bring their puppy home. These processes not only provide mental stimulation, they provide life long effects for canines.

Stage One

Early Neurological Stimulation

This stage lasts from three to sixteen days old. Early neorological stimulation is done with a series of five workouts designed to stimulate the neurological system. These exercises produce neurological stimulations that does not occur naturally in life.

Stage Two


Stage two begins when the puppies are four weeks old and most importantly lasts until 16 weeks. This is an extremely important stage where the right steps need to be taken to prevent both under and over socialization. Improperly socialized pups develop into older individuals unprepared for adult life, unable to cope with its challenges, and interactions. Studies have proven re-socializing as adults has only produced small gains. The window for early social stimulation only comes one time. Once that time passes, little or nothing can be done to overcome the effects of too much or too little stimulation.

Stage Three


This final stage has no time limit. Enrichment experiences typically involves exposure to a wide variety of interesting, novel, and exciting experiences with regular opportunities to freely investigate, manipulate, and interact with them. When measured later in life, those raised in an enriched environment tend to be more inquisitive and more able to perform difficult tasks. Non-stimulated pups proved to be more fearful of unfamiliar objects and generally preferred to withdraw rather than investigate. 

Board and Train

Basic Obedience

This program is only available for ONE puppy in each litter bred by North Shore Kennel. Instead of picking your puppy up at 10 weeks old, your puppy will stay with us until 16 weeks old.
Your puppy will learn basic obedience- leash walking skills, sit, down, stay, come when called, how to approach other dogs and strangers while on a leash, and how to appropriately live around adult dogs. They will also know learn to be groomed. 

If you would like your future puppy in this program, please contact us ahead of time.

Program price is $1,800 for 6 weeks